Ferrari 599

SP Engineering offers the 599 GTX upgrades as an alternative for 599 owners who want the look and the performance of the 599 GTO. The GTX includes upgrades for the performance, suspension, and exterior aspects. In the performance category, a full titanium exhaust improves airflow and reduces weight over the OEM system. With the remote valve control system, owners can still retain the signature Ferrari sound during spirited driving while obtaining a modest sound level during regular cruise mode. A ECU remap maximizes the power and throttle response. Custom suspension components improve handling and retain all factory magnetic field coils. An optional front lift kit raises the front by up to 2 inches for additional clearance. A 3-piece aero package finishes off the exterior with a tasteful carbon-fiber touch.

Performance Upgrade

Full titanium exhaust with remote valve control system.
-2 of the 4 catalytic converters bypassed
-No check engine light

ECU remap
-Maximizes power and throttle response

$12,999 USD, labor included.

Suspension Upgrade

Custom suspension and sway bars
-Retains all factory magnetic field controls

$4,999 USD, Iabor included.

Front lift kit (optional)
-Raises the front by up to 2 inches

$12,800 USD, labor included.

Exterior Upgrade

Full carbon-fiber GTX kit
-3 pieces including: front splitter, sideskirts, and rear trunk spoiler

$7,200 USD.