Since our opening in 1996, SP Engineering has been catering to the tuning needs of Southern California enthusiasts. Our growing passion, experience, and innovation have attracted international attention. Our present client base includes customers from all corners of the globe: Canada, Dubai, Norway, Korea, and all parts of the United States. Remaining true to our founding philosophy, no job is too small or too big for SP Engineering. We work individually with each of our clients, to make their dream into a reality.

SP Engineering is housed in a 13,000 sq ft facility that provides ample room for the variety of services we offer. Each service bay features a hydraulic lift for easy access to the entire vehicle. All our technicians are trained and experienced to consistently perform an impeccable job. In addition to installations of components such as suspension, exhaust, and electronics, we are capable of complete motor builds and custom fabrication. For those seeking boost, we also specializes in forced inductions applications. Our Mustang AWD and Dynojet 2WD allows us to provide dyno-tuning services to unleash the full potential of our builds. We also have the latest mounting equipment and modern wheel and tire balancing. SP Engineering has all the necessary resources to complete the project from start to finish.

In addition to the services provided, SP Engineering is also an authorized retailer of many tuning brands. Sp Engineering combines our passion, experience, and innovation into each one of our customers builds. We are innovators, not imitators.

Service Department:
– 5 Hydraulic Lifts
– Tire Mount and Balance
– Custom Fabrication Service
– 4wd Dyno Tuning
– 2wd Dyno Tuning
– Complete Motor Builds
– Forced Induction Specialist
– All installs including Suspension, Exhaust, and Electronics
– Distinguished techs extensively trained particularly for Nissan GTR’s and Lamborghini