Our team consists of expert engineers who hold years of experience within the automotive industry.  We have ensured

each member of our staff are specialists in varying fields of expertise, including

- R&D engineer from Japan’s aftermarket performance company HKS

- Tuning specialist with extensive knowledge in bespoke ECU remapping

- Highly qualified transmission builder

- Experienced fabricator

- Experienced service technician fully capable of installing aftermarket parts as well

- Extremely knowledgeable sales team that hold a long standing background in the aftermarket industry


Our vision is to provide absolute quality in everything we do. We take pride in continuing expedient and accurate communication with our customers and we strive to provide the most suitable modification plans for any goal that is desired. We offer a very selective option of products, ensuring each meet our expectations of quality.  We also ensure the most precise quality of installation and service, no detail is ever skipped. Our available packages are designed and tested in-house with the utmost scrutiny. There is no playing favorites when it comes to us. Whether you are only aiming for a mild build, or a fully built track focused machine, we give each and every one the same amount of attention and detail.

We promise we won’t disappoint our customers.