About Us

SP ENGINEERING WAS FOUNDED IN THE YEAR 1996 BY ALEX SHEN. The facility began operations in the City of Industry in a 4,800 sq ft building with three employees in addition to owner Shen. Although the physical plant was a bit humble compared to others in tuner-rich Southern California, SP Engineering almost immediately began making a name for itself by building cars for its customers. Focusing initially on the Japanese aftermarket industry, word began to spread about SP’s powerful, docile, and reliable street cars. Indeed, several magazines including; Turbo & High Performance, European Car, Sport Compact Car, and Import Tuner in particular, began to nose about the facility as a reliable way of identifying future feature vehicles. As business increased with customers’ cars, Shen began to focus on retail, and wholesale accounts as a more predictable, and reliable revenue stream to enhance the overall financial stability of his business enterprise.

This effort really began to pay off when SP relocated just a few blocks away to a larger 13,000 sq ft facility housing five lifts, a state-of-the-art Dynojet chassis dyno, a larger office for the growing sales staff, and more warehouse space to house the increasingly abundant inventory of high demand aftermarket parts. At that time, SP Engineering was employing 21 individuals, majority making their mark within the sales, and warehouse teams. As the business continued to grow, the purchasing power also increased. SP became the first ever master distributor to be number one in sales simultaneously worldwide for HKS and GReddy.

Originally focusing solely on Japanese cars, SP broadened their horizon, and started flirting with the thoughts of building exotics, and european vehicles as well. The European market had started to grow immensely, and in striking the Euro performance market full force SP would be looked to as one of the most trusted tuners for Lamborghini, BMW, and Porsche, just to name a few. SP Engineering in turn formed an online community for all the Lamborghini owners, and called it Lambo-Power.com (the world’s leading Lamborghini forum to date). The vital move into the European market revealed a major component in Shen’s strategic business plan.

In addition to building customer cars, SP has been well known in the drag racing circuit, building their very own project vehicles for competition. In 2005, SP brought out their unique Supra-7, and R33 Nissan Skyline GTR. Today you will find SP’s R33, R34, and R35 on the track, continuously trying to break records…or at least their own. The company has also been known to aid local shops in building their cars for both drag, and time attack events.

SP Engineering has had its doors open for 15 years, and will continue to keep its doors open to provide the best service, and parts to our existing and loyal customers, as well as the new generation to come!