We attended No Fly Zone 5 a couple weeks back in Shafter, CA hosted by Omega Motorsport.  No Fly Zone is a 1/2 mile side by side roll racing event and is open to anyone looking to throw down some fast speed and all around side by side fun with an opponent seeking for the same thrill.

I’ll continue on with this post by categorizing each SPE built GT-R.

Louie’s GT-R is a neck breaker.  The candy apple red Advan GT’s seriously stands out on this menacing machine.

Ashkan has my favorite wrap to date.  Of all the wraps I’ve seen come in to SP, this brushed aluminum wrap will always be at the top of my list.  If you ever see this GT-R driving around at night in the OC area, look out for the cool illuminated front GT-R emblem made by Tommy Kaira.  The “R” shines bright with the help of LED’s.

Joshua’s GT-R is lathered with Password JDM carbon goodies along with multiple sets of cool wheels (ADV6.0, TE37Ultra, Advan GT).

Sean’s Midnight Opal Godzilla is a beautiful thing.  The simplicity of the Midnight Opal exterior mated with high gloss monaco copper Advan GT’s sets my eyes on fire.  It’s so good.  Not to mention the RPS carbon-carbon brakes look great behind the elegant spokes.

What’s a good story if there’s no complications, right?  Read on to see what we encountered after Sean made 1 pass in his Godzilla.

Apparently when you’re in a rush to get a car up on jack stands, you unintentionally form yourself into a sprinter position while getting back up.  Coincidentally,  this guy did hurdles and what not back in high school.  Lol!

Sorry, back on topic.  Sean’s first pass that day was his first time on carbon-carbon brakes.

When he came back to the pits for the tuner to look over the datalog, he mentioned to the techs that the brake pedal did not feel as firm as he’d like them to be.  The techs wasted no time and jacked the car up onto jack stands to bleed the brake system.

While the wheels came off, we noticed a nail in one of the tire.  Not knowing the chances of there being more nails, Gabe explored the rest of the tires and sure enough, one more nail in the front tire.

Gratefully, Greg let Sean borrow his wheels for the rest of the day.  Thanks again, Greg!

Feel free to check out the rest of the photos in no particular order.

Clem and Gabe strapping the parachute back up after each 200+ mph pass.

Eugene explaining to our customers how a VBOX works.

Clem taking on a very important task during a race day.

These new STi’s are pretty cool…

But I don’t think anything will EVER be as cool as an F40.  Disregard the license plate, though.

The owner of this 650S is a customer of ours and he surprised us all when he showed up to the event.  I believe he is our youngest returning customer and has great taste.

The new M4’s is currently my jam.  This guy executed his M4 pretty much perfectly.

Ashkan recently picked up a white 2015 to daily drive since realizing his brushed aluminum GT-R was a hassle to get in and out of with the roll cage.  Haha.

Our first time seeing a Bugatti in person.  It’s much more ‘petite’ in person than in pictures.

And that is it!  I hope you guys enjoyed the post!

Thanks for looking.

– SP

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