One of the leading brands in minuscule aftermarket automotive exterior/interior parts has brought a little more life to the Tesla Model S’.  With the help of RevoZport’s design and R&D team, your Tesla Model S can now mean something more than just a fast electric car.  RevoZport’s vision was to focus on giving the Model S more downforce and a wider track-width to compliment the cars performance for better handling and grip.

“RevoZport realize the importance of grip and focused in improving the Model S downforce and track-width.  An overall 40mm wider track allows the car to sit on 9.5J with 255 tires at the front and 11J with 295 tires at the rear.  Front splitter, side skirt, trunk spoiler and rear diffuser are carefully designed to provide high downforce and thus create a well-balanced performance vehicle that ho fast in both straights line and corners.  Each product is designed using CAD software with the highest precision and revered engineered to fit the OEM components.”

Because of Tesla’s fancy electronics and 17″ touchscreen display, RevoZport decided to not only improve downforce and handling, but to add more ‘tech’ to the interior as well.  They’ve come up with a rear entertainment console which would be very cool to have for both kids and adults on those long drives.


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