Coming from the other side of the country, Bo recently moved from Massachusetts to SoCal and brought his 2015 GT-R with him.  Who wouldn’t?  Shortly after settling down in his new home, he came to us for a reliable SPE700 upgrade that’ll give his vehicle a little bit of oomph.

Our tech starting the SPE700 build.

Intake manifold comes off for the ID1000 injectors.

Factory air box and pipes are replaced with TiTek’s polished aluminum intake pipes.

Because Bo added a set of Spec-R springs to the build, we went ahead and tore the rest of the rear interior out while swapping fuel pumps.

Who else is a fan of the Red Amber interior?

Spec-R’s provides a great ride height while maintaining a quality ride.

Sex lights.

(Do not fear the right height! The above 3 photos were pre-spring install)

Please contact Rory ( / 626-333-5398) or Eugene ( / 626-333-5398) if you are interested in one of our SPE power packages.

Thanks for looking!

– SP

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