When I say a pinch of simplicity, I really mean a pinch… of simplicity.  Tent came to us because he wasn’t satisfied with the factory ride height (who is, though).  Lately we’ve had more end users opting for the KW sleeves over the Swift Spec-R springs.  Not that the Spec-R’s are bad or anything, they’re really great.  KW sleeves offer ride height adjustability and if you’re a Lakers fan, you’d probably enjoy them even more.

K dubbbbs.

When initiating the first mod on a GT-R, most choose to add a midpipe (maybe).  Tent said “Ain’t nobody got time for that” and got his calipers painted instead along with purchasing a set of 15mm/20mm spacers.

“What color?”, you might ask.  Scroll down.

It’s a nifty candy apple red color.  What do you think?

Please contact our friendly sales staff to inquire about KW sleeves, spacers and/or caliper painting.

626-333-5398 / rory@sp-power.com / eugene@sp-power.com

Thanks for looking!

– SP

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