Exciting news we have received this week!

We are very excited to be the first to announce and introduce Vorsteiner’s newest hot item for the Lamborghini Aventador – Zaragoza front fascia.  They also released their Active-Aero Wing since it’s introduction at SEMA last year.

The Zaragoza front fascia will be made with pre-preg carbon fiber in a 2×2 gloss twill weave.
Both pieces have been in the works for a long time now, and it is wonderful to see more love going towards the Aventador chassis.
The ability to design the wing to work just as the OE is a testament of Vorsteiner’s capabilities.

For those of you as excited as us about these new products, SP Engineering is now accepting pre-orders.
As a distributor for Vorsteiner, we are excited to be the first to offer the Zaragoza front fascia and Vorsteiner Active-Aero Wing for the Aventador.

All mentioned parts are made as pre-preg carbon fiber in a 2×2 gloss weave.

Zaragoza Front Fascia – $5,700
Zaragoza Front Fascia w/ V-Aero Kit – $20,500
Above w/ optional OE Carbon Fiber – $27,600

V-Aero Kit will include:

– Side Skirt Extensions
– Rear Diffuser
– Active-Aero Rear Wing Blade w/ Carbon Fiber Up-Rights (Uses factory strut functionality. One and only in the world to do so)

OE Exterior Parts include:

– Front Bumper Grill Frame (Right & Left)
– Hood Vent Trim (Right & Left)
– Side Air Scoop (Right & Left)
– Rear Bumper Grills (Right & Left)

For questions and ordering, please contact our friendly SP staff!

Phone: 626-333-5398
Email: info@sp-power.com / rory@sp-power.com / eugene@sp-power.com / turboalex@sp-power.com

Thanks for looking!

– SP


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