A year ago from today, Cranberry brought in his second GT-R for an SPE950R package.  You may recognize or read all about it here.  “Why is it back?”, you might ask.  It came back for some upgrades to push the numbers up to the 1,000’s;  SPE1000R upgrade from the already great, powerful and consistant 950R package.  Cranberry wanted more, so we delivered.

We were able to fit his car in our tight schedule to finish in time for FL2K13 at Bradenton Motorsports Park, Florida.

Howard did a great job fabricating everything to fit 100% like OEM.

Eventually something has to break, right?  A few of Cranberry’s gears were destroyed from all of his drag strip races.

One last test fit with the midpipe to ensure everything lines up equally on both sides.

Cranberry also received one of TiTek’s recently released item;  TiTek Fuel Rail.  The TiTek fuel delivery tube greatly improves the flow capacity with centerlined injectors and a straightened main tube, as well as increasing the inner diameter to 14mm.  The inner diameter of the connecting lines was also increased to 10mm using AN8 fittings and -8 teflon lined fuel safe hoses.

Howard tightening the last of the ETS Race intercooler piping.

A week after completion, Cranberry attended the FL2K13 event in Florida and placed 2nd in the Import Class!  Congrats again!

And check out this video made by That Racing Channel with Cranberry racing a 1000WHP Evo IX.

If you have any questions regarding any of our SPE packages, please feel free to contact Eugene (eugene@sp-power.com) or Alex (turboalex@sp-power.com).

Thanks for looking!

– SP

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